Welcome to the new business project of 
DESIS and TZOUMANIS BROS. companies. 
This new joint business venture is being launched with 
the aim of meeting the furnishing needs of tourist 
accommodation facilities.
Our Company

Starting in 1997, DESIS has fulfilled essential goals
so that today is can manufacture unique furniture in a 
state-of-the-art factory covering 5000 m2. 
With original designs, a wide network of associates, high market 
penetration and reliable staff, the company today 
stands as a formidable creative force in its sector.

A family enterprise with a tenacity that helped it grow
into a production facility to be reckoned with,
TZOUMANI BROS developed its philosophy through the love
of a good craftsman for his work. Since 1984, with an
unwavering passion for quality, the company has built
relationships of trust, dealing in wholesale furniture of
inspired designs and flawless construction of on the domestic market.


 Αισθητική. Τεχνογνωσία. Αγάπη για το έπιπλο και το καλό design.



Love of furniture
and good design.

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